Project 'Free Symbian qooApps'

19th Dec'14: The preliminary versions of all widget apps are in testing stage. I plan to publish them here before new years eve.

Next Project 'qooWeatherII' will be a clone of qooWeather App without GPS Support, but selfsigned (so you can install it on stock Symbian). You can use these 2 apps together, so you can see 2 Locations.

16th Dec'14: 10 Donations yesterday! Wow, what a Support! 
My developer System is now back on Qt 4.7 and all sources are on board. I started to fix qooWeather and recompiled some other apps. There are some issues regarding the font of Delight CFW.
I will also have a look at OpenWeatherMap API to avoid Problems in the future regarding the weather API.

15th Dec'14: Once there were some intractable problems with the Symbian Apps, I 've decided to put the apps in the future as a free, updated apps available here. Everything that you need is to use a custom firmware, like Delight 6.4.

Thank you for your Support.


Next Projects will be some small apps for local associations.

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