Sporty Watch is now available.

You want to have a fitness watch that showing Live HR Monitoring?
You want to check your current Heart Rate Zone, because you want to loose fat or improve your endurance?
You have a BT HR chest strap and want to to use it, because it's more accurate?
You want to sync your Workout with STRAVA or just want to have the fitness data file with HR for your own analysis?

Check all info here.

Have your Twitter timline everytime with you - right on your Fit2!

No need to have your phone with you, when you're logged in and your in a Wifi.

Share a photo from your smartphone to this Fit2 watchface.

You have a favorite sports club, cool car, impressive landscape or want to see your recent family photo? Just share it, using the companion app 'qooApps Photo Share'.


My second game for Samsung Fit2 - a famous retro style road racer game.

See your global ranking:

My first game app for Samsung Gear S2 - the famous block puzzle.

Now also available for Gear Fit2 and Gear S3 too.
See your global ranking:

Check your locale weather right on your wrist!
No need of configuration. No need of a companion app.

Now only available in U.S., Canada, Australia, U.K., France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

All what you need when you're outside!

The only watchface with an integrated Compass and the possiblity to find back to your car/hotel/or whatever.

Like a swiss army knife - have all your needed tools on your wrist!

The only watchface with an integrated Calculator, an integrated Counter, big Seconds and a Flashlight.

See all your needed information on your Gear Fit2: Clock and Date / Weekday and Month / Battery / HRM / Step Counter / Burned Calories (0 - 2700 kcal) / Short Cut to Daily Schedule and Weather

A customizable Dual Clock Watchface for your Gear Fit2!

Change to other timezone by double tap on the lower second clock. Choose between different fonts, formats and themes by double tapping on the top of the watchface.

A customizable Calendar and Scheduler Watchface for your Fit2!

Change between calendar sheet and schedule by double tapping on mid of screen. Choose between different fonts, formats and themes by double tapping on the top of the watchface.

Some more watchfaces:


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