Sporty Watch

You want to have a fitness watch that showing Live HR Monitoring?
You want to check your current Heart Rate Zone, because you want to loose fat or improve your endurance?
You have a BT HR chest strap and want to to use it, because it's more accurate?
You want to sync your Workout with STRAVA or just want to have the fitness data file with HR for your own analysis?

Then you should use this watchface: Sporty Watch.

The following BT HR chest straps have been verified for use:

  • Polar H7
  • Suunto Smart Sensor
  • Wahoo Tickr

STRAVA is a trademark of Strava, Inc.
SUUNTO is a trademark of Suunto Oy.
WAHOO is a trademark of Envisage Group LLC.
POLAR is a trademark of POLAR CORPORATION.


To open the Options, just fastly double tap on the upper area of the watchface.
Here are the list of available Options:

Time Format 12 Hours/24 Hours
Date Format




Font Enigmatic, Roboot, Tizen Sans, Aileron
Text Color White, Chili, Red, Mandarin, Savannah, Safran,
Wasabi, Green, Pacific, Ocean, Lilac, Raspberry, Rosé
Keep Alive off, on (ensure that HR will taken every 15min, when Gear sleeps)
Internal HR off, only at Workouts (default), always on
GPS off, at every Workout (default)
Extra Function None, Date, Steps, Distance,
Speed/Pace, Calories
Speed Unit auto format, kph, mph, m/s, min/km, min/mi
Distance Unit auto format, km, Miles
Strava Login, Complete Login, Logout
Google Drive Login, Complete Login, Logout
Diary Webserver Start, Stop
Personal Open ...
Diary Show ...
Storage Clear All
BLE Devices Connect ...


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