Privacy Pledge

Our goal is to make your mobile experience smarter and to bring more quality. As we build these apps, we are committed to the principles of respecting your privacy, keeping your data safe, and letting you decide how your information is used and shared.

This is our Privacy Pledge:
We will only collect data that is useful or needed by the apps, services and your experience.
We will be transparent about our data practices and will explain them in clear language.
We will never sell your data.
We will never share personally identifiable data.
We share data only in absolut clear cases, like in a highscore list for game apps.
We will always take the security of your data seriously.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the policies and procedures of qooApps on the collection, use and disclosure of your information, including any Personal Information (as below), on (each a "Website" and collectively the "Websites"), the services which are running on the webserver (each a "Service" and collectively the "Services") and the applications we offer to users (each an "App" and collectively the "Apps").
Our Websites, Services and collected data of our Apps are hosted in Germany by STRATO, a company headquartered in Berlin, Germany.
Our Websites have a SSL certificate and all data transfer using the HTTPS procotol (secure HTTP).
If something in this policy does not make sense or if you have any questions, please contact us.

What Information Do We Collect And Why?

Sporty Watch
This watchface App records your HR and location data and store it on the local private storage. This storage will be cleared when the App is uninstalled. The recording will be controlled by the user, there will be no recorded data without user action.
The App has the further capability to upload this data to Google Drive or Strava, were the user must be log in before.

My Agenda
The My Agenda App request calendar entries from your connected Google or Microsoft Calendar. Only title, location, color, start time, end time of an entry will be collected. This data will be stored in the private data section of the watch and will be removed if you use the 'Logout & Clear' Button in the app settings.

Weather Fit/Pro Watch
This App transfer your location to the Service, but with a very reduced accuracy, so your current location can not really back traced. Your location will be stored, just for a statistical heatmap on the Site and without any link to your identity. This data will deleted after 2 or 3 days.

GEARTRIS, GEARTRIS Fit Watch and Road Racer Watch
These game Apps collect your Gear device unique id, which is not your serial number and which is not shown in any UI, the last 4 characters of your BT id, your nation, your gear model type and your game score. On our site only the shortened BT id, nation, gear model type and score will be shown.

GDocs Fit Watch
This watchface App connects to your Google Drive.
It reads all your documents in the root directory as a text-only export.
These documents and your access token will be stored on the watch within the private directory of this watchface. This directory is only accessible by the watchface itself.
All this data will be removed, when you uninstall this App.

qooApps Connect Companion with Calendar Active Watch
The App Calendar Active Watch request a unique code from the Service to be identifiable by the Companion App. The App 'qooApps Connect Companion' ask the user for this code and transfer a shortened calendar schedule to the Service. The Calendar entries are limited to less then 30 characters per item and only title, location, start time, end time will be collected. This data will be stored encrypted in a secure database.


Your mails, that was sent to the official support mail address support[at], will be handled strictly confidential with any attachments, text and addresses. These mails will be deleted at least after one year.


Since I do this as a self-employed person, I may not be able to respond to support mails within 72 hours, e.g. during the annual holiday.

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